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Who We Are

Verdugo Entertainment is a leading independent entertainment distribution company dedicated to rediscovering, restoring and giving new life to the film industry’s “hidden gem” cult and retro films.  With releases ranging from 80’s action and horror to 70’s westerns and hidden classics, Verdugo’s carefully curated titles are driven by fan demand. And by applying the highest level of technical quality in restoration, each film is presented in its intended brilliance – bringing today’s fans closer than ever to the cinematic experience.

Sought after by collectors, these unique and often “long lost” films are now made widely available through streaming services, VHS collectors sets, on DVD and Blu-ray, and can be seen at outdoor screenings, cinemas and festivals across the U.S. and Canada. 



Verdugo Entertainment provides end-to-end film distribution services including sales and marketing, rights management and platform distribution.  Each title is taken from shelf to screen with all of the resources available to deliver the most authentic viewing experience.  Whether via streaming, broadcast, cable, VOD, OTT, on DVD or Blu-Ray or in theaters, Verdugo Entertainment offers best-in-class technology and servicing to ensure fans can access these films when and how they want.


Our team of Verdugo Entertainment industry experts and film buffs curate collections and build content around what fans want – because they are fans.  That’s why every film we review, whether from a studio vault or a private collector, is treated with equal consideration…and an extraordinary level of enthusiasm.


From finishing and restoration, to localization and complete post-production servicing, Verdugo Entertainment applies industry-leading technology and expertise to its library of titles so that every film delivers exception technical quality and an unrivaled entertainment experience. 

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